Welcome to pay a visit to the activity of the Finnish Osteoarthritis Research Society! The mission of the Society is to connect the researchers, persons and societies interested in osteoarthritis research, and to improve the treatment and the research of osteoarthritis in Finland.

The goal is to support the scientific research focusing on causes of osteoarthritis, its mechanism of the disease, as well as the treatment and prevention. The society also aims at informing the public,  the public health workers  and the authorities of the latest research results, advancing the osteoarthritis research, and maintaining the high international level of the scientific research.

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease in Finland and worldwide. In Finland, there are approximately one million people suffering from the disease. In our country, about 20 000 endoprosthesis operations are performed annually due to the osteoarthritis. Due to ageing of the population, it can be estimated that symptoms of osteoarthritis, such as pain involved with joint movement and limited function of the joints, will be increased. By acting together we will achieve more!


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FOARSin tieteellinen symposium ja vuosikokous pidetään TBDP-tutkijakoulun (tuki- ja liikuntaelinsairauksien ja biomateriaalien tohtoriohjelman) vuosikokouksen yhteydessä Tampereella 9.-10.10.2014.
Verkkosivujen ilme on uusittu vuodelta 2007 selkeämpään ilmeeseen.